Delivery, Refunds, Exchange & Payment Confirmation Policy

Payment Confirmation - Services

- Payment confirmation status or successful payment receipt will be sent to the customer via email instantaneously from the email address:

- will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of Kuwait.

- Multiple transactions may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s monthly statement.

Delivery Policy

- All products will be delivered in accordance with the product type selected by the customer. Please read the product description and voucher delivery mechanism carefully before completing purchase.

- Product types are either:
A) CDKeys (Voucher or Gift Card Codes) that will be delivered via email from JollyMax Kuwait via the sender “” to the recipient address inputted by the customer on the product purchase page. Kindly ensure this address is whitelisted in your mailbox to ensure smooth delivery.
B) API direct top up, where the credits or delivery of service will be completed by the retailer/ JollyMax Kuwaitissuance partner directly to the customer, this is relevant for any direct top up product such as prepaid mobile recharge. Customers will receive either SMS or Email confirming delivery from the retailer.

- Product types A) are instantly delivered after payment is confirmed. In rare occasions, digital delivery of vouchers via email can be delayed up to 24hrs should additional information be required by the customer. B) Direct top up delivery request is instantly sent by JollyMax Kuwaitto the issuing retailer after payment is confirmed. In the unlikely event there is a delay, please email where thoughtful customer service will assist in any delivery concerns.

- There are no delivery fees charged by JollyMax Kuwaitfor the electronic delivery of e-vouchers, gift cards, direct top up products.

- Customers must kindly retain a copy of the payment confirmation receipt confirmed by the purchasing customer in the event of any queries.

Exchange or Refund Policy

Please be aware that all of our cards are digital codes which cannot be returned or refunded once purchased and delivered. So please make sure to choose the right product, with the correct store country in the correct currency before purchasing it, as we cannot refund or exchange items sent to the customer. The reason for this is that we have no guarantee that the code, delivered immediately after purchase, is still unused.

However, we do offer a guarantee to redeem the digital codes we provide. In case the code which is sent doesn't work, we will do our best to help you fix this problem. Customer service can be reached through

Usage Policy

- Each e-voucher / gift card is only available for one-time use.

- E-vouchers and gift cards are case sensitive. Please enter the code exactly as shown.

- Any form of CD keys, e-vouchers, gift cards, prepaid cards that have been reviewed from JollyMax Kuwaitaccount or delivered via email or mobile message is not refundable or interchangeable.

- Halamax International for Wholesale and Retail Trade S.P.C.,JollyMax Kuwait and its affiliates shall not be liable for wrong purchases made by yourself, due to negligence and / or the inserting false / fake information, which may result in damage / loss. By purchasing any e-voucher / gift card/ direct top up from JollyMax Kuwait, you understand and have accepted the terms and conditions including the policies shown on

- When requesting direct credit shipping services such as any mobile or retail top up product, you acknowledge that you must carefully read the product description and confirm that the electronic goods you have purchased are correct.

- After voucher delivery, JollyMax Kuwait(Halamax International for Wholesale and Retail Trade S.P.C.) is not liable for any loss or damage to the electronic goods that were purchased through JollyMax Kuwait (Halamax International for Wholesale and Retail Trade S.P.C.) Store, knowing that Halamax International for Wholesale and Retail Trade S.P.C. and does not bear responsibility for any invalid voucher if the purchase period exceeds 7 days.

- The purchase process will be executed when the transaction is correct and unquestionable. Any purchase process on the website that is under any doubt, incorrect or consecutively rejected, will be stopped immediately, and so will not be executed, as well as the full amount will be returned to the transferred account, without reference to the client, and the membership of the customer will be suspended, and all information is sent to the relevant law enforcement authorities of Kuwait.

- JollyMax Kuwait(Halamax International for Wholesale and Retail Trade S.P.C.) and its affiliates have the right to make any amendments or changes to the site and to the policies and agreements associated with the site, including the privacy policy, as well as the document for the terms and conditions of service at any time.