1. Q: JollyMax 1st Anniversary
A:Event reservation period: 2022.7.21-2022.7.28
Event official period: 2022.7.29-2022.8.14
The first draw of the event: 2022.7.31.10:00-2022.7.31.22:00 (UTC+8)
The second draw of the event: 2022.8.7.10:00-2022.8.7.22:00 (UTC+8)
The third draw of the event: 2022.8.14.10:00-2022.8.14.22:00 (UTC+8)

2. Q: What is Pre-register activity?
1) Event reservation period: 2022.7.21-2022.7.28
2) After logging in, the user can click the reservation button to complete the reservation task. The user can log in to the 1st Anniversary main page during 2022.7.28-8.14 to get the reservation reward
3) Appointment Rewards: Cash Vouchers and Stardust"J"

3. Q:What is check-in event?
1) Participate in the check-in event at Mystery Planet pages to get game items, cash vouchers, and Jollybeans.
2) Users can get all the rewards after checking in for 7 days, and users can complete the tasks with different rewards in each planet.

4. Q: What is Jolly Bean? How to collect it?
1) Jolly Beans can be obtained in the check-in event at the Planet pages,in the invite tasks at the supply station.
2) You can repeatedly participate in multiple planet pages to obtain Jolly Beans.
3) During the event, Jolly Beans can redeem diamonds and cash vouchers for free at the supply station.

5. Q:What is Stardust? What is the benefit?
1) Collect stardust pieces "J.O.L.L.Y.M.A.X", you can redeem the super anniversary gifts with right combinations like "J.O.Y", "M.A.X", "J.O.L.L.Y.M.A.X"
2) Players can collect Stardusts from top up events, planet page events, media events, and pre-registration events.
3) There will be limited-time redemption events every Sunday during the event period, and each redemption event has a specific letter combination of the stardust pieces.
4) The first event will be held on July 31st. The second event is on August 7th. The third event is on August 14th.
5) The redemption time for each product is limited. Players can only redeem one gift for each event. After the redemption, other products in the event will not be redeemable.

6. Q:Stardust Collection Guide(How to collect Stardust?)
1) You can complete the task of inviting friends at the supply station to get Stardusts J, O, A, X
2) You can complete the recharge task at the supply station to obtain Stardusts J, O, Y, M, A, X, L; the probability of obtaining Stardusts will change in different time periods
7.28-7.31: J, O, Y (up↑)
8.1-8.7: M, A, X (up↑)
8.8-8.14: L (up↑)
3) You can complete the accumulative top-up task at the planet page to obtain Stardusts Y, M, L; the probability of obtaining fragments will change in different time periods
7.28-7.31: Y (up↑)
8.1-8.7: M (up↑)
8.8-8.14: L (up↑)
4) You can participate in social media activities at the Planet pages to get Stardusts J, O, Y, M, A, X, L for free.

7. Q: Where are the prizes I received? (A note about prizes)
1) All prizes you received during the event will be listed on the "My Prizes" page.
You can view all of your prizes on the My Prizes page for more details.
2) Players who cheat in the event will be removed from the winning list.
3) From 2022.8.5-2022.8.21, you need to fill in your receipt information on the My Prizes page, and the physical prizes will be distributed from 2022.8.6-2022.9.30. However, due to COVID-19, we cannot guarantee when winners will receive their physical prizes. If we encounter any force majeure to deliver a physical gift, we will change it and send an equivalent cash wallet transfer.
4) The prize delivery address is limited to Philippines + Indonesia + Malaysia + Thailand + Brazil.

8. Q:What is lucky code event?
1) During the event, players can redeem gifts by participating in the lucky code issued by the JollyMax community or the media and other channels.
2) Players can redeem rare Stardust pieces, or JollyMax cash vouchers.
3) Each Code has a certain number and time limit.

Q: Why is the system prompting that the lucky code I entered has been claimed?
A: Each lucky code has a relatively large number, but the number is limited.

Q: Why does the system prompt that the lucky code I entered has expired?
A: Each redemption code includes a certain period of validity for the redemption. We will pass all the conditions of the redemption code when the redemption code is announced.

Q: Why does the system prompt that the lucky code I entered is invalid?
A: Pay attention to whether there is a problem with the spelling.

9. Q: How to participate in flash sale during the 1st anniversary?
A:During the period from 2022.7.28 to 2022.8.14, You can explore planet pages and participate in flash sale with discounts of up to 80%

10. Q: How to get rare mlbb skin?
A: 2022.7.28-2022.8.14 Participate in MLBB Planet and complete top-up task to get it

11. Q: How to get Anniversary prizes?
A: During the period from 2022.7.28 to 2022.8.14, explore the anniversary event, collect stardust to redeem physical prizes on the treasure point page; collect Jolly Beans to redeem diamonds and cash vouchers on the supply station page; complete check-in and top-up tasks can receive prizes on the planet pages.

12. Q: Why my voucher can't be used?
A: First, you need to check whether the voucher has expired.And second, check whether you are eligible to use it. In the coupon description, it will inform you about the maximum number of times the same voucher can be used by the same game account and the same device. If you exceed the number of times, you can no longer use it.

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